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The new waves of technology that will revolutionize the way you run and manage your business and work wonders for your staff and customer satisfaction…


Ask any down – to – earth businessman – MPOS is the way forward. It’s not about cutting staff and saving salaries or replacing humans with machines. It’s about injecting your enterprise with a little-added convenience. A convenience that both your customers and staff should love and feel the benefits from at once.

Whether it’s quashing the queues or defusing situations you used to find stressful, a Mobile Point of Sale is the solution you might be looking for.

In this article, we are going to list to you some of the musts – have MPOS hardware and equipment you can’t go another business day without.

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The nCLOSE for Apple iPad enclosure and nCLOSE custom mount combo is the ultimate combination to accept credit cards with the Authorize.


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Let nCLOSE protect your Apple iPad, Samsung, Android, or Microsoft tablet and mobile credit card reader with a soft-coated, durable, hard enclosure.

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As the world turns to using technology more and more each day, so too are credit and debit cards changing. Cards come with chip cards, IC, or EMV.

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Search for any type of EMV + Pin readers, Printers, Cash Drawers, Enclosures,  Credit card reader, stands, kiosks, mounts, and more. Safeguard your company.

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The nCLOSE products are made with user experience at the forefront of its priorities.  Incorporate Apple iPADs, Samsung Tablets, and Microsoft Surface devices into our nCLOSE products.  In addition, integrate middleware applications, enclosures, unique stands, contoured kiosks, credit card readers, printers, and cash drawers. Your ability to transform an existing system, create a new point of sales system, or complete the transition from stationary to a mobile check stand is now possible with any tablet.


The “M” in “MPOS” stands for “Mobile.” When you’re carrying out your everyday business, you are not going to want an unprotected tablet.

If you run a busy store or restaurant, for example, where you or your staff may have an MPOS device to hand for their general operations, like taking orders at a table. In these environments, it’s fast-paced and accidents do happen; iPads and the like are not cheap things to replace if they get damaged or broken.

Fortunately for you, there are iPad enclosures, Samsung enclosures, etc. – protective casing when taking orders or searching for products at your customers’ convenience.

Enclosures also cover stands for desks and counters, so your MPOS devices will be securely and attractively held for everyday use by staff and customer alike as required.

And remember that all important first impression. Make sure you get enclosures that coordinate with the rest of your POS equipment. Also, ensure you have thought out the positioning. It’s no good having a self – service card machine or MPOS tablet enclosure fixed in a place that obstructs other customers and staff members.


Your business will not go very far at all without a fair few of things on this list. The hardware covers the basic essentials of maintaining and storing your everyday business revenue – a POS system and cash drawer, a POS printer for receipts, etc.

A tablet or computer can’t do everything for you, after all.

Hardware also includes enclosures, mounts, and EMV card machines, but these all get sections of its own – just read further down!

In this day and age, a customer is quick to judge a business based on how high- or low – tech it is. You don’t want to be pondering over different buttons on the bulky, old-style tills from the ‘90s these days. For one thing, it slows things down – particularly detrimental in high – pressure environments like retail and hospitality businesses.

Therefore, using a sleek and fashionable tablet connected to the cash drawer will cement that good first impression of “quick and efficient.”

The convenience this adds to a customer’s experience – the elimination of a lot of human error, not to mention the time you save will pay you back in spades in the long run.


Product Feature

Merchants have largely moved to using card terminals to directly capture card information instead of manually entering in card details. This provides an efficiency benefit of decreased transaction processing times, lower processing costs by processing chip cards instead of magstripe cards, and more.


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nCLOSE Product Features

EMV + PIN integration, Hydrware (middleware), Apple iPAD, Samsung, & Microsoft Tablet compatibility.

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