9 Best eCommerce fulfillment software & services in 2024

Order volume

The number of orders plays a key role in choosing your go-to fulfillment solution. Startups or businesses with low order volumes can fulfill orders in-house to minimize additional costs.

However, when sales increase to the points that exceed your ability to handle orders internally, you can risk processing orders inaccurately and slowly. Therefore, businesses with rapidly growing sales or large order quantities might consider employing one of the best eCommerce fulfillment services for efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness.

Customer locations

Considering where the majority of your customers place orders is worthwhile. If your customer base is in areas far away from your business facilities, using 3rd-party fulfillment services will help reach your customers quickly without huge costs.

The network of eCommerce fulfillment centers and warehouses enables the service providers to transport products from the locations closest to the customers. In this way, you can shorten the delivery time while keeping the costs down, thus satisfying customers.

Product types

The type of support you require from an eCommerce fulfillment solution provider depends on what kind of product you sell. Some products need simple packaging while others may demand more special handling techniques and storage. Besides, the product characteristics also affect shipping costs.

For example, if you’re selling heavy and bulky items, switching to a fulfillment service may be beneficial. The fulfillment company can help you handle the item properly with secure packaging materials and lower shipping costs as they can get discounts for bulk shipping.

Sales channels

Selling on many channels like eCommerce platforms, websites, or social media has become a norm to attract more customers and boost sales. If this is your case, you should consider choosing a fulfillment service provider to help you fulfill your omnichannel orders.

Oftentimes, these eCommerce order fulfillment services can assist you in meeting different expectations and requirements about delivery speed, cost, and more to satisfy customers. Otherwise, if your revenue comes from one channel only, it’ll be enough to fulfill orders yourself with the support from suitable software.

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