Advanced Integration

The nCLOSE for Apple iPad enclosure and nCLOSE custom mount combo is the ultimate combination to accept credit cards with the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway key-injected 3.5mm mobile credit card reader (Shuttle / UniMag II).

Protect & Cover

Let nCLOSE protect your Apple iPad, Samsung, Android, or Microsoft tablet and mobile credit card reader with a soft-coated, durable, hard protective enclosure.



As the world turns to using technology more and more each day, so too are credit and debit cards changing. You may have already noticed, but now your cards are coming standard with something called chip cards, IC, or EMV.


Search for any type of EMV + Pin readers, Printers, Cash Drawers, Enclosures,  Credit card reader, stands, kiosks, mounts, and more,

nClose any Tablet Today

The nCLOSE products are made with user experience at the forefront of its priorities.  Incorporate Apple iPADs, Samsung Tablets, and Microsoft Surface devices into our nCLOSE products.  In addition, integrate middleware applications, enclosures, unique stands, contoured kiosks, credit card readers, printers, and cash drawers. Your ability to transform an existing system, create a new point of sales system, or complete the transition from stationary to a mobile check stand is now possible with any tablet.

Increase Company Sales with Mobility

We know that your existing point of sales system needs to be robust and mobile all at the same time. We made nCLOSE responsive so that your company can integrate Sales Reports, Inventory, new EMV + PIN technology, and more with our Hydrware – Middleware. With the middleware, nCLOSE will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Product Feature

Merchants have largely moved to using card terminals to directly capture card information instead of manually entering in card details. This provides an efficiency benefit of decreased transaction processing times, lower processing costs by processing chip cards instead of magstripe cards, and more.


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nCLOSE Product Features

EMV + PIN integration, Hydrware (middleware), Apple iPAD, Samsung, & Microsoft Tablet compatibility.

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