Connect your Applications, Hardware, and Programs today with Hydraware!cnlose hydra


Middleware “Connect one, connect many”

  • A single integration that connects multiple tablet compatible peripherals, including: printers, cash drawers, mobile credit card readers, barcode scanners, check imagers, payment gateways, gift / loyalty, ACH, handheld products and more.
  • Helps ISV’s become hardware agnostic, focus on core technology

Compatible with native apps and web / browser based software


Application and Hardware Connectivity

Connect 1 connect allQuickBooks



Hydraware Conx

Technology is a necessity in businesses, but it comes with a multitude of concerns. One of the biggest is compatibility. Devices must remain compatible with applications. This is why businesses refuse to do upgrades or change anything; if they lose compatibility, they lose a large part of their business. Losing that leads to financial loss. This can become damaging quickly. Hydraware Cox is a tool to avoid compatibility concerns. It is for transactions in business environments, offering compatibility with a wide range of devices and software. A created app can use this as a way to connect with numerous highly popular business tools. It cuts down on development time while increasing customer satisfaction.

Hydraware is Middle Ware, a middleman of sorts. For an app developer, it is hugely beneficial. Typically, a developer would have to code for each program or device to allow for compatibility. Doing this is time consuming and can lead to issues. It is not in the best interest of the developer to do this with everything created. Even with major devices, including Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft devices, you will see developers refusing to do cross platform developing due to the amount of time and work required. This leads to certain users not having access to desirable apps. Hydraware fixes that. It provides apps with compatibility. Apps become compatible with a variety of printers, card readers, and other devices and programs.

What was once months of developing time comes down to hours with Hydraware. It is the faster, more reliable method of making apps compatible. For the developer, this allows them to reach a larger market than ever before possible. For consumers, this offers access to more apps. It is a mutually beneficial setup. It is highly effective, too. Hydraware offers compatibility to many of the biggest devices and software on the market. It is usable with Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft devices, too. All developers and consumers in the retail or restaurant industry can use this to their advantage.

A business using Hydraware can customize their setup to their needs. You can use the apps and devices that you want. If you prefer to use Samsung with PayPal payment methods, you can do so. It is a fully customizable option that provides high quality results. It has proven itself as a way for businesses to up efficiency, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction with relative ease. It is the way to go for businesses.