The nCLOSE for Apple iPad enclosure and nCLOSE custom mount combo is the ultimate combination to accept credit cards with the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway key-injected 3.5mm mobile credit card reader (Shuttle / UniMag II). Let nCLOSE protect your Apple iPad and mobile credit card reader in a soft-coated, durable, hard protective enclosure. Adding the nCLOSE –

nCLOSE Enclosures

There are many different ways to protect your tablets and mobile devices while you are on the go. So many times, we go out in public with our expensive devices and accidentally drop them or, worse enough, damage them beyond repair. For these instances, it would have been great had something been there to protect it from the fall of impact. Fortunately, there are products out there that can help in sustaining that kind of damage and keep it from happening in the future. One of these such products are called nCLOSE Enclosures. These items are like iPad cases in which they can help protect them from damage and give you that added sense of security you might have thought did not exist. There are many reasons to own an iPad or Samsung but not many people know about really protecting them from the physical elements. As long as you have enclosures such as these, you should be good to go in making sure your products are safe from danger and safe from harm’s way.

What is also a really effective use of these enclosures is that they can be used with a Samsung POS system. For instance, there are so many different ways of charging for goods and services nowadays, while on the go, that a lot of people handle business directly from their mobile devices. If you happen to be a store or restaurant, you may even have a tablet used as your main source of transactions. A Samsung POS system can also be protected, and kept held still, with an nCLOSE Enclosure and have it centralized to where this is no confusion as to where to go and what terminal to use. The possibilities are truly endless for enclosures and protective cases such as these, and it is important to find what works best for you and your business.

A lot of these types of products exist in the world but none quite have the durability and quality of an nCLOSE Enclosure. They are more than just a shield for your devices but create a standard of living as well. Whether you are just looking for more armor while you are on the go or you have a business to run and want a specific POS system setup with a firm stand in mind, these enclosures are certainly the way to go. Try one out today and see what they can do for you.

Using a personal computer (PC) or smartphone with appropriate software and reader device, a merchant can replace the functionality of dedicated credit card terminal hardware using a terminal application running on a PC or smartphone. These terminal applications usually also support manual entry of the credit card number. The applications may work with hardware readers that can transfer smart card chip information to the application, however most of the credit card readers that are available for smartphones are only able to read the older magnetic stripes. Some smartphones offer built-in NFC technology and can be used as card terminals for contactless payment cards without requiring additional external hardware. [1] PCI DSS requirements also need to be considered when using unsecured and unencrypted systems based on generic or open platforms; cardholder data security is integral to mandatory merchant PCI compliance. Several high profile breaches resulting in mass theft of cardholder data have occurred in the past where people have accessed data stored insecurely on bespoke or custom systems operated by merchants.[2]

Merchants have largely moved to using card terminals to directly capture card information instead of manually entering in card details. This provides an efficiency benefit of decreased transaction processing times. Previously, merchants could obtain lower processing costs by processing chip cards instead of magstripe cards.


Mobile Device Management (MDM) allows users the ability to restrict access to specific features, functions and applications that can be used on a mobile device at any given time. Mobile Device Management can be used on Apple iPads (i.OS) and Android mobile devices, allowing users to remotely manage and maintain mobile devices from a virtual terminal on any computer with an internet connection. Simply download our MDM application to your mobile device and push your wireless network key, immediately restrict access to specific applications (Brower’s, games, App Store or anything you would put on your mobile device) and manage multiple mobile devices from one location with a click of your computer. With Mobile Device Management you will be alerted if applications need updates, your mobile device has been compromised and with the press of a button update, erase or track your mobile device.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) can be integrated into a mobile application or can be used as a stand-alone application placed on a mobile device depending on your specific needs.

– See more at: http://posenclosures.com/apps/mobile-device-management-mdm/#sthash.9VoNhHw8.dpuf

ansactional data and transmit the data to the gateway processor when a connection becomes available; immediate authorization is not available at the time the card was processed which can subsequently result in failed payments. Remote wireless terminals can transmit card data using either cellular or satellite networks.