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nCLOSE Hand Straps

Compatible with all the models of nCLOSE Products.   This mobile enclosure handstrap will create a mobile friendly environment and drive your sales through the roof.  A number of companies try to push sales forward and never successfully figure out how in an every day environment, and this is your solution.   This ergonomic handstrap holds the enclosure snug and tight against the users hands.  As a mater of fact, users say that the “iPad mini is secure and feels natural in your hands”.


Nonetheless, the handstrap for the nCLOSE units will help you reach your sales and then some!

 iPad Hand Straps for Mobile Enclosure Devices 

One of the most popular devices in the world today is the iPad. Many people can be seen walking around with their tablets, and other mobile devices, in order to take a better charge on the day. Either that, or they simply like reading on a bigger, electronic screen or playing their games while on the go. Whatever the case may be, there are all sorts of accessories for these iPads that make a convenient product that much more convenient.

There is such a thing as handstraps that people can use with their iPad in order to make it that much more secure. With these handstraps, you are able to grip it to your hand, without any chance of dropping it, and even giving yourself complete mobile control of it. So many people every day spend 100s of dollars in expenses just to repair their iPad due to a dropped or cracked screen. With an iPad handstrap, that is a thing of the past. The enclosure handstraps for the iPad help it so you no longer worry if you, or your children, will drop such an expensive device and gives you the confidence that you are being as safe as possible while having fun.

iPads are not the only devices that come with these handstraps either. There are different ones for a variety of different tablets. There are Samsung hand straps, an ipad mini handstrap, an ipad air case with handstrap, and a variety of different case hand straps for you to use. The possibilities are endless despite the product in question. The most important thing is that you have the security and durability along with your tablets so that you can use them no matter the environment.

After spending so much on the tablet, you should be able to simply sit back, slide your hand in, and get to work. This is the functionality and ease of use with a mobile handstrap. They are full 360 degrees, meaning it helps you rotate the tablet and keep it from having to be stuck in a single position. There are ergonomic cutouts for different buttons and ports, and gives you complete freedom in the device you want to use the handstraps for. Keep these kinds of products in mind the next time you purchase a tablet as it may be the best purchase you ever make for it.